Semantic Design


Redesign how our users flow through our educational articles.


Life Technologies (and now Thermo Fisher Scientific) not only provides cutting edge bio-technoloy consumables and equipment, we also are an educational resource for students and scientists.

For this project, I was tasked to work with our Content Editors to redesign how our users flow through our articles.

During the discussions, I asked a question from my previous incarnation as a developer: “Have you given any thought to how well-formed the HTML will be?” This lead to a discussion about the semantic web and how, in HTML5 and on-ward, we want to see content decoupled from context. Content tags should be well-formed so that third party delivery systems will be able to ingest them intelligently.

Our documents should be easy to parse, read and remember. Also, they need to be View agnostic so that the enduser can decide how they want to experience the material!