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Hello, I'm John Zavocki

Building a better User Experience

John Zavocki

Building a better User Experience

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My job is to reduce the frustration that you have interacting with an interface.

If you leave my app with a happy desire to use it again, I have done my job!

UX Designer

With an MFA from The New York Academy of Art, my first instinct is to grab a paper and pencil. From there, I dig into Sketch or Mind Maps; whatever is best to illustrate the ideas.

UX Developer

A graduate of The School of Hard Knocks, my love of code began on a Color Computer. Now, I play with modern frameworks to make hi-fi prototypes for Usability Testing.

UX Advocate

“Evangelist” is not only a state of mind, it was once my job title. Research, data, and a compelling story provide a proven path to engagement, enrollment, and adoption.

Currently exploring new opportunities!

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