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Document Evolution

A UX Workflow Case Study


Design a cloud app which would enable bench scientists to move their traditional paper lab notes and protocols into a collaborative online environment.

Working name Document Evolution, this project would be realized in the Thermo Fisher Scientific Cloud as DocConnect.



Working with data scientists and the content teams, I designed a solution for scrapbooking lab notes, protocols, and manual instructions.

Initial Meeting

I was invited to a team off-site where the content team was trying to figure out what would be a competitive next step for their department in the upcoming year.

Looking at what the moderators were describing, I quickly drew an idea for the app that would be “Document Evolution.”

UX Interviews & Flows

I interviewed stakeholders to understand the scope and flow of the bench scientists transforming their descriptions into user flows.

Lo-Fi Wires

With the lo-fi wires, I went back to the same stakeholders and presented the lo-fi’s in the form of a talk-about usability test.

Hi-Fi Prototype

Once we acquired internal funding, we started to plan moderated usability testing.

With revised wires in hand, I started to build out a full scale Hi-Fi prototype with pure HTML, CSS, and pure JS.

Usability Testing

I created testing scripts and completed the prototype while on a corporate trip to Shanghai.

From within the viewing booth during the testing, I updated and augmented the tests in realtime to accommodate issues and scenarios that were revealed by the user.

Document Delivery

In a post-mortem, I complied all the information about what we learned, I updated the wires for our dev team and uploaded the wires off to our development team with each page having a corresponding Jira ticket number

Live in Production

I handed off my designs to the Cloud Development team and, working with their UX Sprinters, they entered DocConnect into their delivery schedule.