Become University


Conceptualize, create, and host a series of interactive lectures for senior executives and creative clients.


Become University was a series of interactive lectures that I put together for executives in creative companies to reconnect with their core values / products.

  • Conceived, authored, and produced each session
  • Responsible for the planning and organization of the event
  • Managed support staff
  • Moderated and hosted the events
  • Sales and marketing for the series

A sample of topics are:

  • “All Praise to Eros…” Introduction / Meditations on Beauty and Truth
  • “The Alchemists” Painting and Perfumery
  • “One, Two, Three, Enough …” Art and Mathematics
  • “Trompe L’oeil” Art and Lies
  • “The Feast” Consumption, Perception and Epicurean Delights
  • “Touching From a Distance” The artist and her relationship with an audience
  • “Notes from the Underground” Uncovering Inspiration
  • “Exorcism” Thoughts and exercises in creativity