Produce and create representations of products for core clients (Estee Lauder, Avon, Victoria’s Secret, LVMH … ) Manage artists and provide direction.


The Sensorium is a B2B marketing engine that I had the fortunate opportunity to help invent and realize as a core member of Firmenich’s Creative Marketing Studio.

Part multi-media installation, part executive board meeting, part immersive sensual experience, our Sensorium for 2000 was “antidote – fragrance remedies for modern living”.

We came up with concepts around how individuals would cope with living in a future, modern world. The, we tied a fragrance solution to each concept.

My contribution:

  • Core concept contributor
  • Design of the installation space
  • Hiring and managing a team of artists within an operating budget
  • Suggesting the use of mannequins to host individual concepts
  • Procuring said mannequins, overseeing their arrival and installation
  • Art direction