Jul 8, 2024


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This is a “bug report” disguised as a How-To. At MSK we have an issue that HEAP corrupted a user download from within one of our applications. A developer walked me through this (I have a recording of this conversation that I can show you, fyi) where HEAP attached an ID to a download, when thereby made that element invisible to the download registrar – making that file not found.

Before I go down the rabbit hole, I wanted to see if HEAP has an exception feature where we can identify a trigger or element and tagged it as “do not track” – thinking that might be a easy solution to this issue – maybe.

– Jun 25

When talking to the main developer (see video), he indicated that HEAP adds something to the BLOB that makes the download fail.

Possible Solution A

In short, yes. You can add the heap-ignore attribute to an element to prevent Heap from capturing that element.

-jun 26 (from HEAP)

› Testing Possible Solution A

tested with “heap-ignore” attribute, didn’t succeed.

– chat with developer, Jul 8th @ 6:20 PM


also, tried heap-ignore=true as Danielle suggested, doesn’t work

– chat with developer, Jul 9th @ 10:14 am

Working DOM before adding HEAP: note that  there is no “ts” and “source_id” query parameters appended in href:

… while this doesn’t 🙁